How to take care of Hairless Cat

How to take care of Hairless Cat

Hairless cat is more affectioned due to its uniqueness if your are among them then you should know How to take care of Hairless Cat. Hairless cats have been brought to the cat society in 1960, ever since they have been very popular due to their distinction, These cats sometimes show a dog-like appearance, that’s why many dogs lover also likes them. If you are one of them and thinking of bringing a sphynx kitten into your home, keep in mind that a hairless kitten requires more care as living without the fur can be difficult. Here are the top points to keep in mind if you have a Sphynx cat;

Keeping your hairless cat warm

As fur is the best way for cats to maintain their temperature, Whereas hairless cat does not have this facility, So your cat will need extra care in extreme weather. In Extreme Cold make sure your cat has access to plenty of blankets to sleep in or you can also use the automatically heating beds that are commercially produced for cats, hairless cats will also come to you to keep themself warm. Cold weather and being chilled easily is the major problem for a cat hairless cat so make sure to keep your cat warm. In Extreme Heat, hairless cats will also need help as fur does not only help in warming the cats, but fur also helps in maintaining the cat’s temperature, so make sure in summers your cat has access to fans or AC in the house. OR you can use commercially made cooling pads for cats. You can also give your cat some freezing treats in the cold, but your cat can be chilled easily even in the summers so make sure it also has access to a place where it can keep itself warm. If your cat likes to sunbathe, make sure it has limited time to be in the sun as sunbath for a hairless cat means direct sun exposure on the skin, which can damage the skin of the cats, You can also use sunscreens made for cats.

Keeping your hairless cat’s skin healthy

The hairless cats will need regular skin care as they are not benefited from the fur like other cats, All cats produce oils from their skin, and cats with fur are not required to clean it manually.Still, it is the opposite for Hairless cats; they will need to wipe out all the oil from the body manually and will require a regular bath. Bathing for these cats is also different as this will require warm water and cat shampoo with no chemicals and harmful perfumes or dyes. After the bath, you would have to make sure that there is no shampoo left on the body as that can harm your cat’s skin; not only shampoo but also make sure that your at is dried completely as water left on the body of the cat can cause the temperature of the cat to fall causing the cat to chill. If your cat has any problem after a bath, like blacking out or shivering, you should warm it up, and if it is severe, you should contact your vet. Furry cats not only have the benefit of their fur wiping away the oil but also have the benefit of their fur cleaning the dirt off their body; for your sphynx cat, you will have to take care of the dirt too. Make sure your cat has clean ears as dirt can gather in the ears. To clean the cat’s ear, you can use cotton buds or cotton rounds; there is also pet ear cleaner available in the pet store that will help you clean the ears of the cat very easily, you can use those cleaners directly in the ears of the cats, and it will not harm your cat.

Keeping your hairless cat’s nails clipped

Nail clipping is very important for every cast, even the furry ones, but for a hairless cat, it is more important as not only it helps the cats not to get stuck in some unusual places like blankets and not to face the problem of painful nail growing but also help hairless cats not to accidentally scratching them on the skin and harming themself, or scratching on the wounds with unclipped nails can cause more damage. Remember, Sphynx or hairless cats are very cuddly and can be very good friends, as they need something that can keep themself warm. So if you need a cuddly pet friend, a Sphynx cat is maybe for you.

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