How to take care of Cats in extreme heat

How to take care of Cats in extreme heat

Summer is a very painful season for humans as well as for pet cats being an owner and having enough knowledge of how to take care of Cats in extreme heat is a good sign for connection with your cat because every creature face all season throughout the year.

Cat and extreme heat:

Hot days can be a bit more difficult for our best Pet friends “Cats” than humans as Cats are a bit more sensitive to heat than us, so they need extra care from us in extreme heat.
They don’t sweat as we do instead their paws and their fingers become sweaty.

  • Signs:

Here are some signs that your Cat is feeling Hot

  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Panting or heavy breathing
  • Unconsciousness
  • Vomiting
  • Restlessness
  • Sweaty paw pads
  • Excessive grooming
  • What do cats do in hot weather?

Cats can try to maintain their body temperature in several ways.

  • By sweating:

Cats don’t sweat as we do instead, their paws pads and between their fingers become sweaty, and this helps them to cool down their body temperature.

  • By shedding extra fur:

Cats need fur for insulation, but in extreme weather, they don’t need it anymore, so they shed a lot of their fur in summer so they can be safe from too much hot.

  • By grooming:

Cats keep themselves cool by licking themselves, and it’s a way to clean themselves and also keep themselves cool. But when the weather reaches its extreme conditions, you should take steps to help your friendly pets fight this harsh Condition.

  • How can we help out cats to keep them cool?

Here are some steps we can take to help Cats cool down

  • Cat’s Sun cream:

Don’t apply the sun cream we use for ourselves on Cats as it can contain chemicals that are harmless to our skin but can cause harm to Cats as they groom a lot. Also, try to keep them out of the sun at a hot time of the day. For a better understanding of which sun cream you should use, contact your vet and seek advice from them.

  • Provide shady spots:

Cats like to roam around and play without Caring about the weather. So what you can do are you can place small shady spots around the places where cats like to play so they can test there in hot You can place small umbrellas around the backyard so they can rest there.

  • Keep them inside the home:

If your Cat likes to be outside the home more of the time, try to keep it inside the home in the hot weather and provide it with cool places where your Cat can take a rest and can cool itself down.

  • Provide Freshwater:

Make sure that fresh water is always available so your Cats can keep themselves hydrated all the It’s the best way to keep themselves safe from the hot weather. You can try putting fresh water bowls in both places, inside the home, and in the garden.

  • Keep your home cool:

Keep your home cool so your cats can maintain body temperature whenever they feel hot. This will give them a place to return when they feel too much heat.

  • Ice beds:

You can wrap an ice pack or an ice bottle and wrap it inside a towel and put it in their beds or where they like to sleep.

  • The steps we can take if our Cat is too hot:

If your cat is too hot, immediately contact your vet and do what they ask you to do. Heat strokes can kill Cats as they are more heat sensitive. Your first priority should be to get your pet’s body temperature normal to do so;

  • Get your cat to a cool place
  • Give cool water to drink to your cat
  • Sprinkle cool water on your cat’s body
  • Keep your cat in Infront of any cooling fan to maintain the body temperature
  • keep doing these steps while you are transporting your cat to your vet.
  • Cats that are more at risk in hot weather:
  • Old or aged cats
  • Young kittens
  • Obsessed cats
  • Persian breed (flat-faced breed)
  • Long-haired breed

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