How to take care of an outdoor cat when you are away

Having an outdoor cat can sometimes be very worrying as there are a lot of dangers outside. There can be other predators, and there can be chances of your cat being poisoned by some psychopath, Getting abused by some mad person, being kidnapped, or being stuck somewhere and suffocating. Also, Do you know that letting your cat go outside can shorten its lifespan and chances of living a long happy life as compared to other indoor cats? The major problem is, what if you have to go someplace and will have to leave your cat at home?
When a cat is addicted to the outside environment, it will try to go outside, no matter how much you try to stop it. And it can be very dangerous just to lock your cat inside the house. Your cat can stress out and can develop depression and anxiety.

So What to do when you are outside, and you have to leave your outdoor cat inside the home?

There is no proper way just to keep your outdoor cat at home, But there are some steps you can take to control this habit of them;

  • Training your Cat to come Home

The first and foremost thing you can teach your cat is to come home as home is the safest place it can be. Treat it when it comes home so it can gain some affection.

  • How it will help when you are outside;

It can also help your cat when you are not home, So it can come back to the home itself and be safe.

  • Give your Cat a Place like Outdoor

You can have a cat enclosure in your garden or in your backyard so your cats can play there and build a habit of spending time there, Just make sure it is safe and strong and claw resistant, So your cats can play there without any fear.

  • How it will help when you are outside;

It can help your cat stay in your backyard or garden and spend time there instead of going outside.

  • Spend Quality Time with your Cat

Another thing you can do to help your cat stay in your house is to spend quality time with it. It will help them to be comfy around you and be more attached to you rather than being attached to the outside environment. You can play games with it and give it treats and much more

  • How it will help when you are outside;

These steps will help your cat better understand you and to be better engaged with you, So when you are not home, the cat will wait for you rather going outside.

  • Give your Cat Regular Meals and Water

Another cause of your Cat going outside can be a lack of things to eat. The hunger can be the one that is causing your cat to go outside and look for food. But if you are giving your regular cat meal, Try to give your cat extra meals or treats.

  • How it will help when you are outside;

If the hunger is the cause of your cat going outside, giving an extra meal and leaving fresh water when you are away will probably solve it, as then your cat will have zero reasons to go out.

  • Get a GPS for your Cat

Here’s a gift for your outdoor cat a “GPS’ so you never lose your cat and know its every step, including where it is now, Where it goes outside, and when it goes outside. Just get a GPS and attach it with a collar, and put it on the neck of your cat. You can also attach an ID card for your cat that shall include your contact number and your address. Another thing you can attach to that collar with a GPS device is a microchip that shall include your contact number and address so that in case either an ID card or GPS collar is lost, there is an alternative thing, and both have complete details.

  • How it will help when you are outside;

Although this will not help your cat stay at home, it will help your cat be found if you lost it or didn’t return home.

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