How to take care of a Cat that just gave birth

How to take care of a Cat that just gave birth

Just like all other living things your female pet cat can be pregnant and give birth which demands you to have knowledge of handling pregnant cats as well as handling her after they gave birth to new baby cats. Cats during pregnancy get new behavior icons which sometimes are irritating for pets as well as for owners. So in order to avoid such worst situations, it is better to be prepared before you get stuck into such situations.

Tips for caring cat who just give birth:

  • Get prepared for your female pet cat that is going to give birth to new baby cats at least one week before the delivery time. Actually, you don’t know the delivery time for your pregnant cat exactly you have to understand it from your pet pregnant cat from her behavior tone as well from her female sex glands size. Normally all pregnant cats get enlargement in the size of their sex glands and thus can easily be understood.
  • After pointing out that one week before her delivery you have to start preparing for it. Prepare a carton box for your pet cat with some special features. Use pieces of washable towels as well as soft cloth pieces so that your cat can prepare a bed nest for that time so that you’re new kittens get possible warmth. You can also use pieces of newspaper, just put these pieces in that box for your cat so that she can softly and easily tear this newspaper to build a nest.
  • Place this box in your own sleeping bedroom, so that the whole process of birthing kittens may tock place in your presence. This is a necessary step because sometimes a lot of complexions occur during the time of delivery thus you can handle any situation accordingly.
  • Keenly observe all processes if all happens calmly then the next step is to observe your newly born kitten’s health and whether they are alive or not. After being satisfied with your kitten’s health as well as your cat then you have to give your cat privacy. In this way, she can manage easily to lick her kittens and cover them with her own body so she gave them all the necessary warmth.
  • Next step is to observe your kittens feed properly and observe keenly whether mom cat got proper milk storage to feed all her kittens or not. If the mother cat didn’t have enough milk to feed her kittens then arrange prepared milk along with a feeder and nipple for your new kittens. It is available in an almost similar formulation in both liquid and powder forms.
  • Baby kittens meow when hungry in lower frequency nodes so you should know when to feed them. Normally the first day requires feeding your kitten after every two hours and the next day till the first week requires feeding them after every four hours.
  • Choice of food is also very important for your cat just giving birth to kittens as well as for kittens also. On the very first day you can use specific food along with some liquid food like milk. Liquid food is necessary for the mother cat so that her own milk production stays safer and well. If your pet cat is good at eating use chicken meat as well along with her feed.
  • Never touch your newly born kittens before they are getting one week older. The mother cat may respond to it seriously so you only touch your cat after one week and just touch it with a single hand also remember word is that touch only a single kitten at a time.
  • Don’t try to make haste while thinking that you are going to make the kittens your pet because it took four weeks after birth to habituate newly born kittens.
  • You can use a blanket for newly born kittens and mother cats as they both need warmth after birth.
  • Keep mother cat and kittens away from any male cat even if that male is their father. You can introduce their father cat after at least two weeks to the kittens.
  • Keep your cat and kittens also away from dogs or any other animal because all that mother wants is security for her babies and privacy.

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