How to take care of a 4 week old Cat

How to take care of a 4 week old Cat

A 4-week-old cat usually known as kittens is softer and requires more care than normal cats. Kittens appear to be more innocent than cats and they live under the custody of their mother cats. At the age of 4 kittens are nourishing fast, every organ present in their body enhances its size due to speedy growth. They need special care though they remain under the observation of their mother but mostly at this age mother cat’s swean them and stop their breastfeeding. At age of 4 weeks, baby cats start observing their surroundings and start playing and touching everything so if you know the caring of kittens at this age you can easily get affiliations with them and make them your favorite pet.

Situations and care of a 4-week-old cat

  • Sleeping well is the most important milestone for baby kittens. A 4-week-old cat can sleep between 16-20 hours in a day. So, first of all, you should not have to worry about so much sleep for your 4 weeks old cat, and in proceeding with this make this possible so that this baby cat grows naturally. Use soft less weighted blankets and towels to give them the warmth they required as at this age baby cats demand this nourishing better.
  • Keep newly born kittens and their mother under your observation as it is better to have their nesting box in your room. There you should give them complete privacy along with a calm and quiet environment as only in quiet places they only can sleep well.
  • Baby kittens must be put in a single room for the first 7 weeks after their birth. Thus can safely be nourished and privately grown up with all-natural growing features.
  • Next is to know the complete feeding of a 4-week-old cat. At this age, baby cats ask for their food after every 3-4 hours. So it is your duty to make it happen simultaneously.
  • What to feed a 4-week-old cat is also a question in this regard. Mother cats may swean their baby kittens at age of 4-6 weeks.
  • In order to swean baby kittens mother cats usually lick their rectums to stimulate them. If the mother cat is not licking the rectums of baby cats then it’s your responsibility to do this. For this purpose, you can use tissues and troll them around their anus very softly.
  • Cats at the age of 4 weeks grow faster so you have to spot all changes happening day by day. Their organs start getting weight and enlargement in size thus overall weight of 4 weeks old cats started to be increasing in slope. They start growing new teeth of all kinds including scissors and sharpers.
  • At the age of 4 weeks starting solid food is also another milestone for your cat. Start feeding them some solid food after mixing it with water as it is the first time for them to inhale any solid thing.
  • A 4-week-old cat also needs water as milk doesn’t fulfill its thirst. So you should put a water pot near their resting box as well.
  • At reaching 4 weeks of age, baby cats start to observe surroundings and start touching and playing with everything. So you have to give them proper time daily to attach them with you and to introduce yourself as their guardian.
  • Age of 4 weeks of cats is the suggested age to touch your baby cats and to habituate them in any way you want. So from the birth of your kittens, all you need is to stay in front of them along with giving them privacy. Any pet cat can be appreciated more if she can habituate with a number of skills.

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