How to care for a new cat

How to care for a new cat

If you are thinking of getting a new cat as a pet friend or your cat had a kitten, the first thing you have to know will be How to care for a new cat!
Getting a cat does not mean just getting a pet; you will have to treat your cat as a family member and will have to take care of it as a family member. Cats are social animals, and They need care and food as well as some social life or friends to play with, combining it with some personal time. So you will need to take care of every need of your cat. Here are some steps you will need to take care of if you are thinking of getting a new cat;

Regular meal for your new cat

Everyone needs something to eat to live, so it is your responsibility to give your regular cat meals; if you have a kitten in the first 4 weeks, if your new kitten does not have any parental care, you would have to give your kitten milk just made for kittens, after 4 weeks you should slowly start to give your kitten some solid food. Also, give your cat extra treats from time to time. This helps your cat to strengthen the bond with you and help your cat be more friends around you.

Training a new cat with Treats

If you have a cat and it made a mistake, you can not punish it, as it will develop it as a habit. What you should do is ignore it. On the other hand, if your cat did something good like littering in the litter box, you should encourage it to do it again by giving it special treats. This helps you strengthen your bond with the cat as well as encourage your cat to do the act again to get that tasty treat. If you have a kitten, it is the best chance for you to train it as you want via the treatment technique; little kittens learn faster and adopt the behaviour quite easily, so it’s best to start at an early age.

Giving your new cat a company

Give your cat all you have, and play with it whenever you are free. This will help your cat to be more comfortable around you and to be more playable around you. But if your cat wants to play too much and is being too clingy, you should also keep some boundaries. Imagine if you are doing some important work and your cat needs to play with you. It is ok to say no. Your cat won’t mind it for long. However, if you feel bad, what you can do is give your cat some solo toys, so it can play when you are not around. Another thing you can do to make sure your cat never gets bored is to get your cat another cat friend. This will help them socialize with each other, although make sure the first introduction gets good as your cats may face some difficulties understanding each other.

Giving your new cat its bed

The cat, along with some playtime, also needs some private time. Giving your cat a comfortable, warm bed in a quiet place will ensure your cat is happy in your home.

Regular vet checkups for a new cat

As I said earlier, having a pet cat means having a family member, and you’ll have to make sure your family members are healthy, get your cat to the regular vet checkups, and see your vet every 2-3 months, get your cat vaccinated against all the viral diseases. If you see any abnormalities in the behaviour or your cat is feeling sick, immediately contact your vet support or visit them.

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