How to care for a Cat with a cold

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Cats can catch a cold just like humans, so it is necessary to have knowledge about How to care for a Cat with a cold. If your cat is sneezing and has a runny nose, your cat probably has a cold that is caused by some virus.
Here are some clear symptoms of cold in cats

Cold symptoms in Cat’s

If your cat has a cold, it may show the following symptoms;

  • Dry coughs
  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose with discharge
  • Discharge from the eyes
  • Fever
  • Less hunger

These symptoms will go away within 8-10 days in some cats, while for others, it is not that simple; they develop further diseases due to this cold, like pneumonia.

Causes of your Cat having cold

Almost 90% of the cold is caused by viral infections. Your cat can catch a cold by breathing in dirty air. But it is also the most contagious disease, and there are great chances that your cat has caught the disease due to interaction with other outdoor cats already having colds.
But as humans only transfer some contagious diseases to only other humans, the same goes for cats; cat cold only spread from cats to cats; it does not affect humans, so don’t hesitate to take care of your sick cat, do whatever you can to make your cat feel better.
Many times cats already have the cold infection, but they don’t show the symptoms; they only show the symptoms When they are stressed, they get the disease in the past or earlier in age, and they don’t show it in that matter you’ll have to diagnose the disease with the help of your vet.

Diagnosing the feline cold

If your cat has some clear symptoms of the cold, your vet will perform different tests on your vet to diagnose if your cat has a cold or some other disease; for that, your vet may also require your cat’s medical history. Your vet may run different tests, for example, an X-ray of the chest to diagnose if your cat has pneumonia, or will run a Complete red blood cell (CBC) test to see if platelets are in good numbers.
They may run different and complex tests depending on the complexity of the condition of your cat.

Taking care of your cat with cold

If your cat has a mild cold and is not too severe, you can treat it at home, and there is not much need for medications.
You can take the following steps to take care of your cat:

  • Humidity

You can use some hot water and keep it in the place where your cat stays to keep the humidity in the room so your cat can breathe easily. You can also use a humidifier to make sure that the air in your home is not dry and that your cat has no problem breathing.
You can also keep the cat in the bathroom with you when you are bathing in a hot tub for humidity.

  • Keeping your Cat stress free

Keep all the essential things close to your cats, like a litter box, food tray, toys, water bowl, and bed. To keep your cat stressed free.
But if your cat is suffering from a server kind of cold or having extreme symptoms like difficulty breathing or is not eating anything that can lead to weakness, you should contact your vet asap or take your cat to the vet, as not taking good care of the cat can lead to very unwanted and dangerous results that a cat lover would never want for example cold can lead to pneumonia that is a major deadly disease for many cats.
You can hospitalize your cat for 2-3 days until she is good, and then you can continue the treatment at home.

Recover time

Most cats recover from normal colds within 8-10 days, or this also depends upon the severity of the case if your cat has a more severe cold, the number of days can increase as well as the medication too.


If your cat is sneezing, has a runny nose and is generally feeling off, there’s a good chance they have a cold. In this article, we outlined the causes of your cat having a cold, how to diagnose it and ways you can take care of them during their recovery time. We hope that this information was helpful and wish your kitty speedy healing!

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