How to take good care of a little Cat

How to take good care of a little Cat

Are you thinking of buying a new kitten? Or does your cat have given birth to new kittens? on any of these occasions, How to take good care of a little Cat is your responsibility, and it is a very good way to bond with your pet if you have raised it from childhood to its adulthood. It’s an excellent way to control each habit of your cat and change those habits in a good way.

How to start

In the first 4 weeks, the mother cat will provide each and everything necessary for a newborn kitten, like a warm place and milk, so you’ll just have goto provide them with a warm and cozy place and leave them alone as the mother cat can be angry if you go too near to its kittens. Well, sadly, not all kittens are raised by their mothers, some kitten loses their mothers, or the mother cat is not able to take care of them. If that’s the case, you’ll have to do it yourself. At first, as a mother cat, you’ll have to warm the kitten by holding it in a blanket and keeping it near to your body, and after that, you’ll have to provide it with some only made for kittens’ milk. Also, start playing a bit with your kitten, your every interaction helps your kitten to be more comfortable around you. So keep your kitten happy. You can also provide your kitten a friend by adopting another kitten. In this way, your kitten will have a friend to play with, as cats don’t like to be alone.

Things You’ll need to care of a little cat

Here are some compulsory things that you will need to take care of a little cat.

  • Food or nutrition

Kittens, at first, will only rely on the mother’s milk or the milk you will provide them. But after the first 4-5 weeks, the kitten will slowly start to consume solid food too. If the mother cat is there to nurse them, she’ll be providing them solid food too, but if for some reason she is not there, what you can do is mix the diet with both high-quality canned food and with kitten milk, “Don’t feed kittens the Cow milk!”

  • A place to sleep

The other thing that a kitten need besides food is a place to sleep, Keep in mind that even if your kitten is comfortable with you and wants to share the bed with you, You should provide them with their own bed to sleep in, A nice dry and warm bed.

  • Litter Box

Now when your kitten has its own place to sleep and a healthy diet, The next thing it needs is a litter box or a litter tray, Place the litter tray in a nice peaceful place so your kitten can go there when she needs to. Although it can be a bit difficult to train them at first to use the litter box, if you start at an early age, it’s not gonna be difficult.

  • Health care and vent checkups

It is very important to keep your cat checkup regularly and visit your vet 1-3 times in 2-3 months, and if you see any changings in the kitten’s health and habits, contact your vet support, as keeping your cat healthy is your responsibility.

  • Toys and playtime

Now when you are done with caretaking, let’s head to strengthen your bond with the kitten by playing with it and spending time with it, It helps your kitten to be more comfortable around you. You can also provide some solo toys for your cat to play with when you are not around. For example, catch toys, etc.

  • Bathing and grooming

Mostly cats don’t like to be bathed, you can avoid that or do it very less, like once a month. What you can do is you can Groom your cat. Grooming is an activity to remove dead skin and unwanted or weak hairs from the fur, Grooming is essential for all cats, but it is most important for long hair cats as they can swallow hairs when they are self-grooming, and that can cause problems in their stomachs. Treat them for behaving well while grooming them to encourage them in the future, This will make it easy for both of you.

  • Training with rewards

The best way to train a kitten is to give them treats after each step. For example, give them treats for being good while grooming or bathing or doing litter in the litter box. Kittens will soon adopt this habit and will learn to do things according to you so they can get the treat. Do Not Punish or Yell at your kItten if it makes a mistake as they can adopt that too, Instead try to correct them or talk to your vet for better advice.

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