How to take care of stray Cat

How to take care of stray Cat

Simply the cats having no home or having zero humane care approaches are known as stray cats. How to take care of stray cats means to take care of the cats wandering all around in streets, at home roves, near rivers and canals, and most significantly stray cats found in jungles throughout the whole globe. Any animal species can live anywhere if they got a proper source of feed and water. Such cats are often called as street cats or ferals.
Stray cats upon continuous disconnection from humane contact become wild ones and once a cat gets wild it will be very difficult to attune it to the humane environment. In civilized societies, as in U.K, U.A, and all other progressed nations, it is observed that they take care of all species other than human beings quite well. So being a civilized and fecund part of the community we all should know how to take care of animals. Cats are the most liked pets among all and considered as most humane friendly. Our little efforts can convert stray even wild cats into pets.

Basic tips regarding how to take care of stray Cat:

Here we are listing some basic 18 tips to habituate stray cats.

  • As stray cats spend a lot of time laying themselves out of human touch so they are hesitant to human touch and take some time to be a part of this human world again.
  • As stray cats spend a lot of time laying themselves out of human touch so they are hesitant to human touch and take some time to be a part of this human world again.
  • We must be curious about knowing their way of living and should monitor them keenly including their feeding, sleep, and wandering everywhere with or without any reason.
  • We should know about their feed before getting closer to them like which food they happily eat and when they eat anything if hungry.
  • We must observe their body health that whether having any wounds or not or any disease making them irritating of even nothing.
  • We should have to be witnessed their habits when passing through the streets for our daily hectic schedules and what that specific cat is doing.
  • After following that specific cat for two weeks at least, then it is time to get even closer to that cat. As if we know their favorite street and places then visit those places with something to feed them.
  • Put down food you have in those streets for that cat whether she is there or not. If that cat is present there then just put down feed have eye contact with that cat and walk away.
  • If that specific cat is not present then also put down her feed and walked away to your home or job as you too have tough schedules.
  • This may take a week-long wait to meet that cat along with food in your hand so that she can be affectionate.
  • Once your stray cat started noticing your visits to her places there are more chances for that cat to attune herself with you as well.
  • After this third week hope you will be able to stand in that street along with your stray cat eating the feed you want to feed her.
  • Also, bring some open vessels to that place and put them down exactly there so that you can pour some milk into that pot for your cat.
  • As long as when your cat acclimates herself to you during eating without any afraid, you should have to be careful and conscious of her.
  • After fourth week starts sitting along with her feeding her and putting very soft hand of yours on her along with loveable facial expressions.
  • If your stray cat is injured then took a start with bandaging of her wound with special care.
  • I guess after one month of care for any single stray cat following these steps you can bring her to your home and there she will become the best pet yours ever.
  • This all involves emotions. Having the emotion to be kind to nature and its creations are a God-gifted quality. If you are lacking this emotion, think about any other difference you have with animals. So be kind to stray cats, be kind to all and love them all without any exception of human or animal, mother nature loves you back.

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