How to take care of Cat grass indoor

How to take care of Cat grass indoor

Here are tips for you to How to take care of Cat grass indoor. Growing cat grass indoor raises activities for your cat inside of home. So why not do some planting instead?

What is Cat Grass indoor?

Cat grass is sometimes known as pet grass. It is the same as other grass but just a mixture of oat, wheat, and ray grass. It is safe for consumption by both animals and humans and is very good for the diet of both, It adds more vitamins to the diet, and MOST IMPORTANTLY IT CAN BE PLANTED INDOOR!

Why should we plant Cat Grass indoor?

Cat grass can help your pets to stay away from plants in your garden while maintaining a safe and sound, and natural environment indoors. It reduces the chances of cat diseases like vomiting by filtering the air and also serving as a salad for your cat.

How to grow cat grass indoor

If you want to grow cat grass indie the home, there are two types of cat grass.

From a local pet store

You can buy seeds of cat grass from a local pet store and can grow them inside the home, and this is an easy way to plant pet grass.

Grow Cat grass by yourself

The other thing you can do is grow cat grass on your own. For that, you can use oat seeds, barley seeds, and wheatgrass seeds.
After that, you can follow these steps, and These steps are the same for both types of cat grass seeds.

  • Sowing the seeds

The first step after getting your cat grass seeds is to directly sow or resow cat grass seeds as if you planted it before, under the soil about an inch or a quarter inch (You have to sow the seeds for both types of plantain, either indoor or outdoor). If you are planting them in a row pattern, make sure each seed is one-inch apart. Cat plants can grow full-year indoor, But if you are planting outdoors, They can only be planted in the spring season.

  • Germination of the seed

If you are planting cat plants indoors, Keep your soil moist. You can cover that up with a plastic bag to make sure it remains moist all the time. After approximately 3-4 days, you will start to see the results, and your cat grass seedling will start to sprout into a baby plant.

  • Provide your Cat plant with direct sunlight

Your cat grass plant will need much direct sunlight while it is growing, so make sure it gets plenty of sunlight. If you have pots of cat grass, you can put them outside in direct sunlight, or you can put them in front of windows so they can get the sunlight.

  • Compressing the soil

You should compress or firm the soil lightly when needed but keep in mind to keep the soil moist and not to give it too much water as that can be a problem for the roots and can stop them from growing.

How to take care of your cat grass plant when grown

To make sure your cat grass grows, again and again even after your pets eat or chew on it, you can follow these steps

  • Trim it

Even if your animal is chewing on your cat grass, you should trim it half or 1 inch in a week or two to make sure it regrows.

  • Watering

Don’t overwater your plant, as that can lead to the death of your plant. Water your plant after 1 or two days in the soil to prevent soaking of the plant.

  • Checking for harmful pests

Keep checking your plant to make sure it is free of all pests and diseases that can be bad for both your cat and your plant.

  • Resowing

Regularly resow your cat grass seeds to promote fresh growth of the plant.

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