How to take care of blind Cat

How to take care of blind Cat

If your cat has suddenly become blind, or you have adopted a blind cat which is a very good act of kindness, caring of blind cat is necessary then don’t worry. She will continue to live as normal, just like any other creature or human, although she will require some extra caretaking. She will eventually develop all the ways of living without seeing anything and learn to rely on their senses. Although their vision is important and they rely on that to live, their other senses like smelling and hearing are more developed than ours. They can use their hearing and sense of smell to interact with their environment.

Cat’s sense of hearing

Cat’s sense of hearing noises is much better than ours, they can hear frequencies of sound we can not, they can also distinguish between the different sounds of different pitches so that they can recognize you from your sound. They can also hear sounds at very far distances 4-5 times more times distance than humans.

Cat’s sense of smell

Their sense of hearing things is great, and their sense of smelling different things is like a superpower. Cats can easily differentiate between different smells. Cats have 5 million odor- sensitive cells, whereas dogs have 200 million cells and humans have only 5 million of those cells. Cats can find their way around the house without seeing just by smelling. So yes, blindness is a loss, but your cat can get out of it.

Early blindness and its signs

If your cat was not blind from birth and suddenly became blind, you should contact your vet as soon as possible as early blindness can be recovered by knowing the cause of it. Here are some signs of early blindness and if you observed them in your cat, contact your vet immediately;

  • Change in behavior
  • Bumping head into things if they are moved, particularly in low light or at night
  • Pain in the eyes or one eye
  • Swelling of eyes or one eye and discharge in eyes
  • If the cast is blind in one eye, it may get scared by the movement in its blind side
Causes of blindness in cats

Some cats are born blind or with very less vision, while some become blind due to many reasons like aging or bacterial infections in the eyes, injuries, due to high blood pressure, or because of tumors. No matter what the cause is, every cat deserves the same treatment.

Caring for a blind Cat

When a cat becomes blind, it will become scared, and if some infection causes the blindness, your vet may recommend you remove one or both eyes, which is really painful. Your cat may refuse to leave its bed due to the fear of not being able to find its way back to the bed. You have to make it comfortable to live in the house and take great care of it, Here are some steps you can take to make the life of a blind cat easy;

  • Make sure your cat stays inside the home as there can be a lot of danger outside, especially for blind cats, for example, stray dogs or cars and humans. Print a blind cat tag on your cat’s collar that includes your contact information and address so if your cat is lost, they can contact you back.
  • Keep your cat comfortable at home, don’t leave it alone, keep it company, and talk to your cat, especially when you are approaching it as touching it without telling it can scare your cat.
  • Take your cat for a walk, either inside the home or outside. As this can help them get over the fear of being lost.
  • Don’t leave any dangerous object on the floor or in your cat’s room as this can cause harm to your cat, for example, any sharp object.
  • Cover the toilet seat, Bathtub, and litter box to ensure your cat stays safe.
  • If you are moving into a new house, you should be very careful introducing your cat to your new home.

Make yourself to be supportive and visit your vet regularly for regular checkups.

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