How to take care of an over-attentive Cat

How to take care of an over-attentive Cat

Sometimes having a pet cat needs attention and care to become affectioned with us. All that is required is how to take care of an over-attentive Cat. Giving attention to our pets, Playing with them, cuddling with them, and spending quality time with them strengthen our bond. It helps them reduce stress and allows them to be comfortable with you. It’s the same as the more time we spend with our families, the more we become attached to them.

Everyone needs some attention, But also everyone needs some individual time to or in the language of teenagers, you can say some privacy too.

The same goes for our pets. Giving a lot of physical attention is not bad, but it can sometimes be Cats are more of an example of a teenager. They need attention but also need some isolated time too.

But the opposite of this can also happen!

Sometimes a pet may be too attentive and will need attention every second. This over-attentive hunger can be found in all creatures of God. Have you ever seen a dog who is always around its owner and is very anxious when it’s the owner is not around and will start barking and snoring? Yeah, It’s a kind of over-attentive hunger.

Over-Atentiver Cats are not that different, and They, too, will start snoring around. Breaking things and will jump around furniture in anxiety when they feel isolated or their owners are not around.

What does being an Over-Attentive cat means?

At first, when you think about a clingy cat or an over-attentive cat, what comes to your mind? I am sure many of you think a cute kitten rolling around your lap and giving you hugs, what can go wrong?

Yes, it is like that, but only for the first some days. It seems cute that your cat won’t want to do anything if you are not there, But what if you had some issues and had to leave the house for some days?

What if you have a business trip or a vacation and have to leave the cat on its own? Or you are doing some very important work, and your cat comes and sits on your keyboard. Yeah, it can be very annoying sometimes.

Your cat can develop some dangerous diseases or can develop anxiety or depression disorders. It can be really bad.

What Cause a cat to be over-attentive

As I mentioned, Cats are more of an isolated animal. Then what causes an isolated cat to be There can be a lot of causes of it, But here are some of the major causes.

  • Abuse

Abuse can be a big cause of your cat’s clingy or over-attentive as it needs more attention from you as a source of stress-reducing medicine. Many cats face many types of physical and verbal abuse in their life. There are a lot of chances of a rescued stray cat being over attentive as it has been abused on those roads by humans or can be other cats or dogs and need that attention now.

  • Lack of attention in Past

Abuse doesn’t mean only physical abuse. Abuse can be silent too. Maybe your cat is too clingy as it has not been loved that much in the past by the vet it has been in or by the mother cat. As all cats aren’t good mothers. So maybe the craving for that love is what is making your cat over-attentive.

  • No proper care in past

Not only mother cats can be careless, but the vet where your cat has been in the past or the past home can also be the cause of that anxiety and stress. What to do if your cat is Over-Attentive If your cat is Over-Attentive, don’t worry. We are mentioning some steps that you can take to Control the clinginess of your cat.

  • Give your cat a friend to play

The best solution to attention is to give your cat a friend to play with. It can be a new cat, a dog, or any other pet animal. But don’t consider this option as the first solution as cats may take some time to adjust to this new environment, or may be they will completely fail to adjust to new companions.

  • Get some solo toys for your cat

Your cat just needs some playtime, and sometimes they won’t mind playing solo with different toys like puzzle feeders.

  • Schedule a specific playtime for your cat

What you can do to limit your cat’s being clingy is to schedule playtime for your So you only give attention to your cat at a specific time. Your cat will soon learn that behavior and will only come to you at that specific time.

  • Set some boundaries

You can set some boundaries between you and your cat so your cat can learn about your daily life schedule. At first, your cat will be bothered a bit and may cry, but after a short time, it will develop this behavioral change and won’t mind it. For example, don’t let your cat in your bathroom or your bedroom when you are spending some quality time.

  • Contact your vet

If you think your cat is too Over-Attentive or too much clingy, you can contact your vet and get your cat checkup done as it is May be due to anxiety or depression disorder and I am sure you don’t want to see your cat friend suffer.

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