How to take care of a tabby Cat

How to take care of a tabby Cat

A tabby cat can be any cat with tabby markings. These marks can be of different shapes and colours. Cats vary dramatically in size, hair length, and colour appearance. But they all belong to the same species called Felis silvestris catus.

A few things to keep in mind before adopting a cat

Your decision to adopt a tabby cat is a great one. Keep some things in mind.

  • First, do you want an adult cat or a kitten? The cat is already trained, but a kitten has to be prepared. Therefore, there is no harm to your household items from the cat, but on the other hand, due to the child, you have to summon trouble.
  • Secondly, You want a cat or more than one. Because two cats provide friendship and joy to each other. It gives you satisfaction.
  • Keeping these things in mind, go to your local animal shelter and tell them about your cat’s desire. There, a cat adoption counsellor will give you a cat according to your wishes.

Tabby Cat facts

Choosing a tabby cat is a great decision. Cats differ from humans in important respects. Below are the facts about tabby cats that those who love them should know about.

  • Cats do not know how to protect themselves in the wild.
  • They are obligate carnivores.
  • While we have a natural tendency to chase things. We don’t know how to kill prey until our parents teach us. If we suddenly abound outdoors, we face a short life and a painful death.
  • It means to say that cats only eat meat.
  • Cats need their meal, not a human meal.
  • Cats need important nutrients in their diet found in wild foods.
  • Cats need vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.
  • Cats need clean water; however, cats can get sick if the water is dirty or stale.
  • Tabby cats need a hygienic, reasonably-kept litter box.
  • The litter box should be big-sized and clean.
  • Tabby cats also have emotions like humans.
  • Tabby cats have complex brain structures that allow us to feel fear, anger, sadness, and happiness.
  • Cats have emotions just like us, but the motivations are different.
  • Cats need regular veterinary care.
  • Cats should be taken to the doctor yearly for good health.
  • Cats are experts in hiding the symptoms of illness, so only the doctor can identify the illness with these symptoms.
  • Tabby cats use claws to protect themselves and need our help.
  • Spay or neuter cats.
  • Failure to spay or neuter can lead to excess numbers of cats.
  • This is the best choice, making it easier for cats to live with us.

How to take care of a tabby Cats

Tabby cats are great pets that love to stay at home. Tabby cat care is given below.

  • Diet

Tabby cats need a good protein diet. They are carnivores. They like to eat the flesh of other animals but not kill them. Therefore, you should give them a good protein diet. That can overcome the lack of meat. Vitamins and minerals should be in good quantities in this diet.

  • Feeding Schedule

Create a feeding schedule and follow it daily. An adult cat needs to eat a meal twice a day.

  • Fresh Water

After eating, a tabby cat needs plenty of clean and fresh water. Remember that your tabby cat does not drink dirty and smelly water. If the water is muddy or does not supply adequate water, the cat may become dehydrated. Therefore, you should keep clean and fresh water in water bowls.

  • Playing

Apart from water and food, cats need to play. Cats need toys to play with, such as toys, balls, and soft toys. Place furniture with him so he can jump on them and be happy. Cats are emotional creatures so take care of their happiness. They can become affected if they are not taken care of or given time.

  • Litter Box

Tabby cats love a clean litter box. It should be wide and big in size. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep the litter box in a quiet corner of the house.

  • Keep a watch on the cat

As mentioned above, cats are good at hiding injuries and illnesses, so if you notice any change in their behaviour. So consult a doctor so the disease can be diagnosed and treated quickly. You should get your cat checked regularly to avoid major diseases. Such as diabetes, obesity and conditions of the limbs and joints.

  • Vaccination

Leukaemia and Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) virus vaccination should be done. Consult a doctor for vaccination who will give you proper guidance.

  • Spay or neuter

You should have your cat spayed or neutered under the supervision of a vet, as this is an important step in their life. Spaying is the best way to control the cat population. Spaying increases the life of the cat. If you feed your cat properly and take good care of it, this cat can live up to 30 years. If you have one or more tabby cats at home, take the time for them as they enjoy entertaining you.

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