How to take care of a limping Cat

How to take care of a limping Cat

Limping a cat means walking with difficulty and thus walking unevenly calls for how to take care of a limping Cat. Anyone can easily observe lamely walking as cats are also living organisms and are many soft creatures of God they may limp when walking. We have to feel the pain behind the limping behavior of cats thus we can easily identify the main cause of limping little legs of cats. Once the main problem behind their limping is identified then we can easily handle and took steps to cure our loving pets.
It is obvious to observe the change in behavior of any living organism when that is in some pain. The pain of a diseased person may result in the seriousness of one’s mood. When a cat is limping, her walk may appear unevenly, dragging her specific foot or sometimes stalling herself to a specific area. If the cat is our pet then she appears to be like our family member and we can easily spot if she is unwell.

Steps that how we can give first aid and care to our liming cats:

  • Broken bones of the legs of cats result in limping in their walking. Broken bones suffer anyone more than any disease and it punishes anyone every single moment. So being living creatures we should know the pain of broken bones and thus we can feel the same feeling for any other living who got trapped in the same issue. Cats may break their legs during jumping, running, or playing, get into accidents, upon hitting a surface or with someone hard, fight with their fellow cats, fight with dogs, get trapped in their paws in machines accidentally because of curiosity, and hit with bicycles and other vehicles.
  • We didn’t recognize her broken leg at the first meeting, so we just have to do bandages on their legs when find them limping. We may use pain-relieving cream or ointment before the bandage. After this, we have to put her in our own custody and observe our limping cat’s behavior during the whole day. During a broken leg, none can even walk a single step so if in our observation we spot zero walks of limping cats then there are more chances of their leg bone broken. After the bandage, she kept herself to a single corner of the home and didn’t eat her feed well nor she can sleep well because of pain.
  • Next day is much more important we have to surveil her leg properly along with touching her bone and her joint with soft hands. If we spot don’t swelling leg muscles then it is a good symbol and if we spot it means our limping cat’s leg bone may have been broken or her bone joint may have been disjointed.
  • So now is the time to take our limping cat to a veterinary doctor and took her leg’s x-ray first and then show it to the doctor. He easily prescribes the treatment whether bone surgery is required or just he may bandage her leg with plaster of Paris after jointing her bone joint. It depends all upon that doctor now what he suggests for our limping cat so we should follow his prescription and medicines properly. He also suggests a duration of 100% cure for our limping cat.
  • Limping is not always because of broken bones, sometimes it may happen due to some cut or some wound. If we spot any wound then observe the depth of the wound properly if the wound appears to be deep then again we have to bring our limping cat to her vet because maybe stitching of the wound may also be required.
  • If we observe just a little wound or cut then just we have to do a bandage of our limping cat along with an antibiotic cream.
  • Sometimes any glass or prickle or nail may pinch the paw of our limping cat which causes her to walk unevenly or never walk because of pain. So we have to put out that pinched material very slowly and proceed with a dressing of the wound.
  • Sometimes due to wrong landing after big jumps cats start walking limping. We observe no sign of wound or broken bone symbol because sometimes a wrong landing just results in muscle pull which can be treated and cured by massaging our cat’s legs twice daily for three days or a week.
  • Fighting our cat with any other cat or dog and getting bitten may result in her limping walk. So bandage her properly and should take care of our cat by keeping her away from other cats or dogs.
  • Ingrown nail also results in our cat’s limping walk, should bring the cat vet and follow proper treatment.
  • Sometimes our cat’s nail got infected so again visit a proper vet doctor and follow complete treatment.
  • Arthritis may also cause our cats to become limping cats; this again requires a proper checkup with a vet doctor and proper treatment.
  • Liming cats’ attitudes may be changes and they become scary ones or sometimes they may join stray cats‘ groups because of getting lower attention. 50% cure of any disease is to take good care of the patient so just stay connected to your pet cats to get proper affections back from cats.

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