How to take care of a House Cat

How to take care of a House Cat

Well, living with a cat is not the same for all. For some, you have to kon how to handle and how to take care of a House Cat it means having a furry friend who just interacts with you whenever you want it to and can live on its own, and for some cat means more than just a pet. For them, a cat means a friend, a cuddly bowl of fur, and a family member. But when it comes to taking care of a cat, These things do not matter, What matters is your cat’s safety.

Are you thinking of getting a cat as a pet animal? Or do you already have a pet cat in your house and just want to know how to take care of it?

Things you’ll have to provide to take care of a Cat

Taking care of a cat means a lot of responsibilities. Here are some of the things you will need to provide to Cats in order to take care of them;

  • Provide Them with safety
  • Provide them with regular meals and water to drink
  • Regular vet visits to make sure your cat is healthy
  • Regular baths and hair cleaning
  • Spend time with it and play with it. Cats need attention just like everyone else

Some Questions about house Cats

It’s always good to know everything about cats, whether you are thinking of getting a new cat or if you already have one. Here are some of the regular question I am sure every cat owner have in mind;

  • Can you have a cat and a dog together in one home?

Yes, why not, Cats and dogs can be very good friends, and I am sure you may have seen many Cat and dog friends. But just make sure that the first interaction between these two goes well because the first impression is everything, and if it goes wrong, everything can backfire . Just make sure no one is chased or injured.

  • Can I give my cat vegetarian food?

If you are a vegetarian and you don’t want to mess up your schedule, and you want your pet also to be a vegetarian, you should consider getting some veg pet instead. For example, you can go for a Rabbit or some bird pet. But just keep in mind that cats are not meant to be vegetarians, They are carnivores, and that’s how it is.

  • How much attention does your cat need?

All pets need love and attention as we humans do. But in a balanced way, You can play with your cat as much s/he wants, But when she says NO, it is a No. Cats need attention and some privacy time, too, So when you feel like you are bothering them, Just back off. Don’t piss them off. But the opposite of this can also happen! Some cats are Over attentive and need too much attention. Those types of cats seem cute initially, But they can be annoying sometimes, and you will also have to take great care of them. We already have an article on “What to do if you have an Over-Attentive Cat” Don’t forget to check it out.

  • Should you keep your cat inside the home?

You can keep your cat inside the home, But there can be consequences. If your cat doesn’t go outside too much, then there won’t be a problem, But if your cat is an outdoor cat and spends a little too much time outside, then it is not a good idea to keep it inside as it may get sad and can be stressed out. Or can develop anxiety.

  • Can you have more than one cat in one house?

As long as your cats are happy together, it’s not a problem. It is also good as your cats won’t feel lonely. But if one or more than one of your cats is being isolated/abused, it can be bad as it can very badly affect their mental health and can cause anxiety and stress.

  • How often should you visit the vet for your cat’s checkup?

Getting a cat means assuring its safety and ensuring that you’ll take care of it. So you should also be prepared for all the vet expenses and trips that are sometimes very time taking. You should consider taking your cat to the vet about 1-2 times in 2-3 months. And if you see any behavioral changes or any illness, you should immediately contact your vet. You should also vaccinate your cat regularly for all the viral diseases to make sure your cat stays safe and sound and also neuter your cat between 3-6 months of being born so you can get rid of lots of problems.

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