How to take care of a deaf Cat

How to take care of a deaf Cat

A cat may be born deaf or can become deaf due to many reasons, it depends upon the owner How to take care of a deaf Cat. It does not mean that your cat can not live or enjoy life now; just like humans, cats can also enjoy life happily, even with some disabilities, with someone to care for them they can enjoy life just as other cats. Cat’s hearing is crucial, cats can hear much better than humans, and it is one of their god-gifted abilities to them and is essential for their living. But as I said, it does not stop them from living happy life.

Reasons for a cat to become deaf

There can be many reasons for a cat to become deaf, Some cats are born deaf, and this is coded in their genetics like most blue eyes white cats (It is a myth and not 100% true that all white cats or white cats with blue eyes are deaf), and some become deaf as they age, Older cats have more chances to become deaf or losing their hearing as compared to young cats. Deafness can also be caused by bacterial infections or viral infections, which can be prevented if you find it in the early stages, but deafness caused by aging can not be prevented.

How to know if your cat is deaf

It is very hard to tell if your cat has become deaf or facing hearing loss, and it becomes almost impossible to tell if your one that has become deaf if you have more than one cat in the house as the deaf cat will just follow the other cats as clues It becomes easier to check if your cat is deaf if you have only one cat in the house, your cat may sometimes don’t even notice that you are around or will not hear if you call your cat, although as it has adopted some instinctive behaviour like eating time and time of you coming back from the house, you can use some tricks like making noises when your cat is not facing towards you, if the cat did not notice any, you may consider taking your cat to vet for the checkup.

Taking care of your deaf cat

  • Communication with your deaf cat

Communication with your deaf cat is still possible; although not with voice signals or hand signs, you can communicate with your deaf cat easily. Cats easily respond to hand signs and also laser beams.

  • Scaring your deaf cat

Don’t scare your cat, as deaf animals can be scared very easily if they don’t see you coming; always approach your cat the way your cat can see you coming or give it some signs like a laser beam or any other way.

Remember, KEEP YOUR DEAF CAT INDOOR, don’t let it go outside at any cost; the outdoor environment is too dangerous for your deaf cat. They can not hear a car coming toward them, humans fleeing them, or they will not hear stray dogs barking at them. Make sure it stays home; another thing you can do to give your cat an outdoor environment makes your backyard safe or give them a nice sitting area just beside windows so they can always have a look at the outside world.

  • Trackers for your deaf cat

Make sure to use a GPS tracker on the collar of your deaf cat so if you can not find your cat or your cat is not able to find you, you can use that GPS tracker to locate your pet’s location and can find it easily.

  • Deaf cats are also happy

Being deaf does not mean your cat will face depression or anxiety because of that; being deaf is an aging process, so cats don’t mind it much. They accept it just like humans when they age, some of them can become deaf, but it does not stop them from living life.

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