How to take care of a Cat with blindness in one eye

How to take care of a Cat with blindness in one eye

Blindness is a sudden lack of vision in one eye or both for several reasons which demand extra care. Mostly it is the result of eye injuries after a catfight. It could be temporary or changed into a permanent issue if the treatment is not started on time. Its treatment is not easy because the underlying causes are different.

Signs of blindness in one eye in cats

  • Confusion or bumping into furniture mostly in low light
  • Eye become cloudy
  • Walks slowly/carefully with their legs widening apart than before
  • Hesitationaly jump
  • Falling suddenly
  • Become nervous and lay aside
  • Hesitation to going outside at night
  • Changed behavior
  • Refusal to move
  • Increase the production of tears

Causes of blindness in one eye in cats

The main problem you would face in treating this disease is versus cause. Here are some common causes.

  • Catfight/Eye injury:

Eyes injuries due to catfights are one of the most common diseases in cats. Sometimes it can lead to blindness in one eye or both. It is a very common cause of blindness in those cats who often become prey to catfights. Sometimes this type of injury could become more dentures and can cause permanent blindness in one or both eyes.

  • Optic nerve:

The condition in which the optic nerve (the nerve which transfers the impuls from the eyes to the brain) becomes inactive. And cannot perform their proper function, So eyes become blind. This is a rear disease in the cats.

  • High blood pressure:

High blood pressure is one of the most common diseases in cats and mostly causes blindness in cats. By increasing the blood pressure, damage can occur in small vessels in the back of the eyes that cause bleeding or can lead to leakage of fluid. In some cases, high blood pressure may cause bleeding toward the front side of the eyes, which can be easily seen, So the eyes become blind.

  • Brain disease:

We know that nerve impulses transfer visual signals to the brain, which changes them into images. If any disease affects the brain, like tumors or infection, then the brain part becomes inactive, So blindness occurs.

  • Conjunctivitis:

Conjunctivitis is a very common eye condition that causes inflammation of the pink lining around one or both of your cat’s eyelids. It is usually caused by an upper respiratory disease and is highly contagious. Symptoms include red and swollen eyes, drooling, and mucus discharge. Conjunctivitis can resolve on its own but must be evaluated by a veterinarian and treated with medicated drops.

Diagnosis of blindness in one eye in cats

Because the underlying causes are various, Diagnosis of blindness in cats is not So easy. Sometimes owners of cats can not notice any type of symptoms. First, if you want to confirm or establish the blindness of a cat, be careful further in confirming the underlying causes of blindness in your pet. Best investigation methods are included.

  • Blood pressure measurement:

As high blood pressure is one of the most common causes of blindness. Blood pressure is measured by the Doppler technique (The technique which uses a crystal to detect the flow of blood instead of a stethoscope) or by feeling pulse. A good pulse point is located on the cat’s left side, behind his/her front leg. Feel with one hand until you have located a pulse.

  • Urine tests:

This test usually helps to detect underlying diseases. For example, kidney failure is a common cause of hypertension in cats and dogs.

  • Brain scans:

In some cases, your doctor may recommend a brain scan (MRI or CT scan) if brain disease is suspected. In this regard, he may be sent to a specialist clinic.

Treatment of blindness in one eye in cats

After detecting the cause of the blindness of the cat, you should start treatment immediately. Unfortunately, there is no proper treatment for cat blindness, but some methods are used to decrease it. The methods of treatment are according to the cause of blindness. In some cases curing the disease (which causes blindness), the eyes become automatically healthy. Eye infections can also be treated with eye drops and maybe some type of medication like (tablets to reduce blood pressure or relieve inflammation). In some cases, the doctor might recommend a change of diet or surgery.

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