How to take care of a Calico Cat

How to take care of a Calico Cat

Their graceful appearance demands us how to take care of a Calico Cat because Calico cats are tricoloured cats that have anywhere from 30% to 75% white fur mixed with orange and black fur and sometimes even grey-coloured fur, and they look fantastic with that colour pattern. It may seem like they are different cats, but they are not, they just have a wide variety of genes. Calico cats are mostly all female; although male calico cats can also be found, they are very rare and difficult to be found; almost 1 in 3000 calico cats are born male. If you have either a male or female calico cat and you want to do the best caretaking of your cat here’s how you can do it.

Taking care of a Calico Cat

Caretaking is the essential need of every cat. Although calico cats are not a different breed of cat, their health needs depend on their genetic makeup, just like humans.

  • Spaying

As almost all calico cats are females, birth control is the best care for them. A surgery called Spaying is done for cats to neuter them and make them unable to be pregnant. This will also reduce the chance of getting ovarian cancer.

  • Cats AIDS

Cats AIDS cat spread because of bites of infected cats, although it can not be transferred to humans, it is as dangerous for cats as it is for humans. Spaying cats decreases their urge to fight reducing the chances of biting and catching this disease.

  • Klinefelter Syndrome in male cats

As I said a male calico cat being born is a 1 in 3000 chance, but if you manage to get one male calico cat, there is a lot of chances of your male cat catching the Klinefelter syndrome, so daily checkups of a male calico cat are recommended, If your cat somehow catches the disease, your cat has a high chance of developing the Diabetes and being obese.

  • Regular Grooming

Just like other cats, Calico cats also require regular grooming of fur, although they are already very good at self-grooming it’s better to do it yourself, even if your cat does not have long hair, you should groom it regularly to make sure there are not any hairballs on the body of the cat and your cat stays clean. It is also a very effective way for your cat to get rid of dead hairs on the body. Grooming also helps you and your cat to strengthen the bond between both you and also helps your cat to be more comfortable around you.

  • Food and water and litter

Regular eating and fresh water to drink is an essential thing for every creature of God to live. So
regular food and water should be given to them on time. Adding another thing essential for living is a quiet and private place to litter; a clean litter place should be provided for the cat. Although cats Dont get used to it very easily, they should Be trained to do that. You can train them by giving them treats whenever they do things correctly, and this will encourage them to do the act again and strengthen your bond with them. Training should be started at an early age so they can develop it easily.

  • A cozy bed to sleep

Another thing that everyone needs is a peaceful place to get some rest, although your cat can sometimes ask to sleep with you on your bed or your lap but still provide them with a place to sleep is also very important so they can get rest when you are unavailable.

  • Playing with your cat

Cats are social animals, and they need constant attention along with alone time, so playing with your cat helps you make a strong bond with the cat. And also, provide them with solo toys so they can also play anytime even if you are not around, you can also get another to help your calico be socialized with other cats too.

  • Health care

The most important thing that everyone needs is constant health checkups for the diagnosis of disease, dental care, and any other problem if observed. Visiting your vet regularly or once in 2-3 months ensure your calico Cats safety.

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