How to care for a Pregnant Stray Cat

How To Care For a Pregnant Stray Cat

If you see a pregnant stray cat, you must go for help. But your help will be more beneficial when you know how to take care. If you want to help her without knowledge of pregnancy care, you can provide her discomfort rather than a benefit. Therefore, you should have the necessary knowledge of care to take good care of the pregnant cat. If you face such a cat, you should take it to a safe place as soon as possible. We will disseminate with you in this article the knowledge of the need to care for a pregnant stray cat.

How is a stray cat different from a feral cat?

You may call outdoor cats stray cats, but there is a big difference that you need to understand. It is wrong to think of outdoor cats as strays. Wild cats have no problem living outdoors and have learned to live outdoors. She does not depend on anyone. She manages her food. They are not especially near to anyone. They do not require care and are independent. She knows how to take care of herself and can face difficulties.
On the other hand, a stray cat has been thrown out of the house. It depends mostly on humans. They face a lot of meal, drinking, and living problems. They like to mingle with people. Wild cats do not like to look people in the eyes, while stray cats like to look people in the eyes and play with them. They will want to return if they stay out for some time. But on the contrary, after some time, they learn to live out and can become wild cats. The difference between these two cats will help you to know whether the pregnant cat is feral or stray.

Signs of pregnancy in Stray Cats

  • Cats get pregnant early. If you observe cats, you will notice many changes in their body. You will see the difference in their weight. Their stomachs are swollen, and when they stand up, their abdomen hangs down. And their abdomen is round.
  • A cat is looking for a quiet environment before giving birth. The appetite of a pregnant cat increases. Pregnant cats eat more meals. In them, you can feel the vomiting like humans. They have two normal symptoms, swollen abdomen and black nipples.

How to Care for a pregnant stray cat

  • How to help before delivery

Be friendly with the cat and try to get close to it. If you have a good relationship with him, you can take good care of him. If you have not established a good relationship with him, you should avoid getting too close. You need more time to gain his trust. When you gain the cat’s trust, you can take care of the cat. Provide the cat with water and a meal to gain confidence. This will help the cat stay healthy and hydrated and make it easier for her to become friends with you.
You can consult a doctor for cat care. He will give you instructions for the delivery of the cat. If there is a risk of premature delivery, you can take instructions from the doctor over the phone and deliver.
At birth, cats seek a safe place. Ensure there are no other animals with the pregnant cat. Cats get scared, after which it is difficult to handle them. Therefore, arrange a special place for their care.
Call a doctor if you notice any signs of the following.

  • If the expectation of a kitten goes from half an hour to a full hour and the baby is not born.
  • If you feel the kitten is stuck inside.
  • The cat becomes very stressed out.
  • The cat is very fatigued
  • Bleeding profusely
  • After delivery

After birth, keep both mother and baby in a safe shelter. Because cats and kittens are at risk of being killed. A safe shelter means a place with pleasant air and an environment. The immune system of kittens is not yet well developed, and they can easily fall prey to diseases. After Pregnancy, mothers can also be affected by diseases.
Give cats a good diet that contains good amounts of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. If the mother eats good food, it will affect the kittens.
Do not go near the kittens for a few days after birth. Unless the cat allows you to go near them. If you are concerned, the mother and kitten should be taken to a doctor. If you want to adopt them, it is a better idea. Provide them with every facility for their care. May they be happy with you and live a happy life.

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