How to care for a Maine Coon Cat

How to care for a Maine Coon Cat

You must be committed to caring for your cat. The Maine coon cat needs a full-of-nutrients diet. Every Maine coon cat owner should take care of their cat’s exercise and health. Maine coon cats need shedding brushes, scratching posts, and large litter boxes.

Personality of Maine Coon Cat

Maine coon cats have clawed their way from near extinction to the prizes positions of America’s second most popular breed. Maine coons fans say the popularity is due to the breed’s large size, intelligence, luxurious coat, hardy temperament, and devotion to their human family. It is because of their intelligence that they easily mingle with strangers. For this reason, Maine coon is considered safe with strangers. Maine coon are deeply related to their pet owners and live happily with them. Maine coon prefers to be with owners but not in their laps.

History of Maine Coon Cat

Like the American city shorthairs, Maine coon cats are also considered native to America. Because they have been on this continent since colonial days and probably longer. Many imaginative stories exist, but hard evidence is as ridiculous as a cat bath. One story that has some truth is that of a 1700s sea captain named Coone. Sea captain coon brought long-haired cats with him on a trip to the northeast coast of America? Those who used cats to control rat populations on their ships may have brought some long-haired cats to the New World. Some cats migrated to the east coast and established themselves in farms and barns of early settlers. The wind was severe, which caused damage to cats and humans. During this difficult time, some cats survived. The Maine Coon evolved into a large, rugged cat with a thick, water-resistant coat and a hardy constitution. In the 1900s was a favourite Maine coon cat. As the country began to breed more cats, the Maine cat and other domesticated cats were abandoned. In fact, in 1950, this species died out, and the Maine coon cat was declared extinct. But fortunately, these Maine coon cats once again crossed the borders of their race and regained their lost glory.

How to take care of Maine Coon Cat

These hearty, long-haired cats are known for their excellent mouse-fighting skills, bushy tails, and friendly barks. They may need good care to stay happy and healthy.

  • High-Quality Food

Choose the best quality food for your Maine coon cat. Consult a veterinarian if you do not know the best food for cats. Choose a good brand of food that caters to the specific needs of Maine coon cats. When choosing a diet, look for taurine in the ingredients. It is an essential amino acid that cats need. Not getting good ingredients and taurine can cause eye and heart problems.

  • Feeding Schedule

Create the schedule of cat food. Divide the time in the cat’s food into two parts and keep an interval of 8 to 12 hours between them. Having two separate meals will increase the probability that the cat will eat its food well.

  • Fresh Water

Give your cat clean fresh water and always keep its Bowl of water clean so that the water stays clean. Don’t keep the water bowl near the dirt. Cats do not like to eat near dirt.

  • Avoid overeating

Avoid overeating cats; otherwise, they may become obese.

Grooming of Maine Coon Cat

The Maine coon cat has a thick coat that needs to be maintained. Brush once a week and brush with stainless steel. This way, the cat’s hair will be saved from the tangle. Pay more attention to the cat’s abdomen and tail.

  • Trimming Claws

Trim may be required from time to time. To keep your Maine Coon’s claws from getting too long, you should trim them once every three weeks. While trimming the claws, trim the white part of the paws and do not go below the pink part.

  • Mouth Cleaning

Like humans, they suffer from dental problems. Brush once a day. Use a special cat toothbrush and toothpaste. Do not use human toothpaste as it is toxic to cats. Maine Coons don’t need regular baths, but if your Maine Coon ever gets dirty and needs a bath, you should bath it. Entertaining Cats.

  • Spend Time

Maine Coons love to be around people. Most Maine coon don’t like sitting on laps. A Maine Coon may prefer to sit next to you. Take time out of your busy life for your cat so she can be happy with you.

  • Toys Like Mouse

Maine Coons are known for their excellent mouse-catching skills. So try to provide your Maine Coon with toys that encourage these skills.

  • Litter Boxes

More than one litter box should be kept. Fill the boxes with two inches of fine-grained, soiled, lumpy cat litter. Empty the litter boxes daily and change the litter at least once a week.

Veterinary checkups for maintenance Cat Health and Maine Coon Cat
  • Maine Coons need vaccinations and regular checkups like all other cats. A test for feline leukaemia will also be done. It should also be taken to a veterinarian if you ever notice any problems.
  • Maine coons are quite healthy but are more prone to certain conditions. Spinal muscular atrophyThis condition is a type of paralysis. 
  • Polycystic kidney diseaseIn this condition, cysts form in the kidney and destroy the organ.
  • Hip dysplasia.This is a type of arthritis in your cat’s hips.
  • In all these cases, you should take your cat to the vet for a check-up.

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