How to care for a Cat that is scared

Getting scared means sudden changes in the surrounding atmosphere, which causes nervousness in human behavior. This may cause severe shocks to the human brain, which sometimes may pinch human nerves resulting in attacks on the human brain and heartbeats. Not only humans, all creatures got scared because of their surroundings. Cats are innocent creatures; they need a very polite and friendly environment. They are the most favorite pet in civilized communities around the globe because of their innocence. They got panic a lot when sudden changes in atmosphere occur. They may occur as pets as well as stray ones because a lot of population of cats got even zero human contact in their whole lives.
We cannot stop all panics and hitting all cats in the world, but we can play our role to stop these scary moments for cats that happen to them because of us. For this, we should know what causes them to get scared and so stop that happening around them as much as possible.

Here we are listing what causes them to get scared and how we control such moments around cats, and if they get scared, how we have to care for cats that are scared.

  • Being strangers to cats may terrify them if cats got feelings like strangers to us. As cats thought all strangers were their enemies thus, we had to stay calm in front of them, so they didn’t think of us as their enemies and didn’t get scared of us. This rule applies to pets and cats as well as to stray cats because of the simplest logic that if being human, u didn’t benefit any surrounding living creature, then didn’t hurt them.
  • Fear for cats often results from us because of our nil-caring behavior. So we must illuminate the glow of love from ourselves by our behavior to get affectionate any creature of God almighty to us. First of all, never look into the eyes of cats in your first meeting with them, and if eye contact with cats happens, then it should be small, and they should feel affinity from your facial expressions.
  • Sudden moves of the human body may scare cats whether no intention to scare them, so put a check on your moves consciously whether any cat or any creature got scared.
  • Noise may terrify cats more than anything. Noises of human-made things as in a home, noises of electronic appliances like refrigerators, televisions, audio players, washing machines, hair dryers, stoves, and the noises of vehicles and their horns, airplanes, trains, etc., frightened cats. Try to avoid producing such sudden noises in order to get cats closer to you so that they can be habituated and get affection from you.
  • Cats can smell and hear faster than humans. If cats get a sniff of something bad having an odor, they may get scared because they take it against the natural things. If smell belongs to the food you want to feed them, they may protest against food and against you. So make it possible that the cat’s feed smells reasonably well. Also, apart from your cats smelling bad industrial as well as domestic waste, stay your cats cheerful.
  • In correspondence with smell, cats may get scared from bad tasting. Here this frightening behavior of cats may be again due to protest against bad food. So as a whole their food must be of pleasant smell as well as of good taste. Eating good food cheers up your cats so they can be friendlier with you without fear from you.
  • Balloons also, upon the blast, produce typical sounds which may scare the cats. So avoid them from playing with balloons; if they come across balloons blast, then take them in your polite hands.
  • Try to play with your cats daily with some balls or footballs and make it possible that your cat gets some new experiences daily. If you are playing with your pet cats, noises may then be absorbable to them.
  • Sometimes cats get scared and hide from their surroundings. This hide may be as long as an hour or a day. If your cat hides, then find out the reason for her hiding and make her learn that those scary feelings are meaningless.
  • If your cat gets scared in a serious way then sit closer to her, rub her back with a polite hand try to cheer her up by rubbing his head and face as well.

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