How to care for a cat in college

How to care for a cat in college

Visting college with a pet cat called for knowledge about how to care for a cat in college as some owners have a great attachment to their pets. They feel lonely and stressed without their pet cats in college and miss them for half of the day. So some colleges allow students to bring their pets. If students decide to bring their cat to college, they may face some problems but get happy with their cat. This is the chance you have to become the best owner of a cat. It will show the great love for a pet.

Cons of taking the Cat to college

If you are deciding to bring your cat to college keep in mind its major problems. Here is the list of problems or cons

  • Pet not allowed in some colleges

This is a major problem for a cat owner. Most colleges do not allow students to bring their cats with them. Pet-friendly colleges are present but fewer in numbers. Maybe not present in your city.

  • Expensive

Pet-friendly colleges allow students to have cats but they charge extra for it. If you go to college while on a college bus you may need to pay more for your cat. Medication, cat food, toys, and Vet bills can really add up. Vet often costs more than $100 a visit. Your cat’s health is more important, Keep this in mind If you are thinking to decrease this type of expensive.

  • Distraction

Cats demand a certain amount of attraction at different stages of age. It may distract the students from their studies. Making noise is a habit of cats which is not right for students.

  • Time wasting

Students’ time is very precious. They need to spend much of their time studying. On the other hand, every pet needs a lot of time from its owner. They need time for food, health care, and for playing also.


A loving owner spent a lot of precious time taking care of a cat/pet. College students also have some advantages in taking a cat in college or college life. Major pros are included,

  • Entertainment

Pets are the best source of entertainment in every stage of life. They also brighten the dark days of college students. In college, some students get bored with their hard work. Here the cat proved like a blessing, and change a boring life into happiness.

  • Best partner/friend

Sometimes head competition homework and proper timetable make a student lonely. He/she does not feel comfortable with his/her college friend also. in this situation cuteness of a cat provides the feeling of a close friend.

  • Social Advantages

It is an amazing fact that your cat can help you in making friends. In public places, people like to talk about their pets. People who like cats may want to spend their time with you and your pet. This will give you some friends and more attraction to your cat.

Pro tips on how to take care of cats in college or university

  • Proper schedule

The first step is to make a proper schedule as soon as possible. College life is a busy life. Students do not have any time to spend with their cats. Try to make it sticker than before. Cat’s food, playing and exercising everything should be according to your timetable. Don’t give time to your cat more than the time decided in your timetable.

  • Know your campus vet

In most Pet-friendly colleges vets are providing their services. As students in college, you should find him and take his cellphone number (for emergencies).He may advise you for regular visits and health checkups.

  • Make your place cat-friendly

Another important tip is to change your bucket into a friendly place for cats. Cats need a comfortable place; they search for it and make disturbances. To stop distribution gives them comfort.

  • Set Up a budget for two

Cats may increase your expenses. They need food, medication, and toys also. You need to set up your budget in such a way that you can save money. Bay toys are fewer in number than are liked by your cat. You can decrease expenses also by shopping for food in bulk at stores. Sometimes you can get 20 to 50 per cent off in online shopping.

  • Join a community of cat love

Cats also need some friends for entertainment. A cat lover community can provide friends for your cats and such golden advice also.

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