How much does a Cat cost per year to care for

How much does a Cat cost per year to care for

It is important to be aware of how much do cats cost per year. You can care for a cat for as low as 170$ per year, but it’s common to spend 700$ to 800$. According to ASPCA, a new cat will cost 1174$ in the first year of adoption. Besides the cost of getting a cat, each successive year also costs 809$. The most expensive lifestyle for a cat will add up to a few thousand dollars per year. Cat is famous for their lot of loyalty and low-maintenance attitude, but they are not so cheap. Here is the detail of what you can expect to spend if you adopt a new furry friend.

Owning a cat can bring unconditional love and friendship to your life. Cats help us with worry, sadness, and unhappiness. Having a feline friend can also help to release stress and improve your heart health. A tired man also feels relaxed when he comes home, and suddenly a cat jumps over him. A cat can calm our nervous system and provide an immediate outlet for fun. Cats are low maintenance and independent. If you don’t like rats or mice in your home, owning a cat will take care of that immediately. Cats bring a huge amount of love and loyalty to the household.

Before we talk about expensive of owning a cat, l wants to disclose here the factor that affects the cost of a cat.

Cat cost per year factors

  • Initial medical care

As an Ailurophile, you must remember that when you adopt a cat, the first step of your own is initial medical and spraying. Initial medical and neutering is necessary to do.

  • Litter box

A litter box, also called a sandbox, cat box, potty, pot, or litter pan, is a faeces collection box inside the home. These boxes train the cat to urinate at a specific place.

  • Cat Carrier

A cat carrier is necessary for ailurophile. It helps, especially in travelling when you run a car. These carriers also provide cats with comforting security when cats feel uncomfortable.Carrier gave protection against injuries.

  • Collar

The Cat collar is just a piece of material (mostly leather).It is used for identification, protection, and fashion.

  • Food and water bowl

Veterinarians suggest a separate bowl for a cat. Today cats eat a lot of dry food, so they need water in the form of a separate water bowl. Forcing a cat to share a bowl also results in the cat eating too quickly and fighting.

  • Vaccination

Almost 40% of the cost while owning a cat is spent on vaccination. Vaccination is important for any pet as food is. Vaccination is based on the condition of the cat. Some cats need vaccinations every month, and others need only once a year.

Getting a cat expenses

According to Claudine (a doctor of veterinary medicine), if you plan on adopting a cat from a local shelter, you should set approximately 200$ aside. The price typically covers initial medical care, vaccine, and also spaying. If you want to get your cat from a breeder, then the adaption fee runs to thousands of dollars for a certain kind of breed. This is the price excluding vaccination, spaying, and initial medical care.

  • Vet fee

A basic vet visit will likely run from 45$ to 60$. The most expensive veterinary doctor fee for a cat’s checkup will be between 200$ and 300$. And any additional testing X-rays and exams will add to this price. Vet care costs increase daily due to the high rate of drug and pharmaceutical products.

  • Dental cost

Without proper care, these conditions lead to oral displacement, difficulty eating, and also tooth loss. Sometimes blistering in the mouth also appears due to heavy food. So a regular dental and mouth checkup is important. Dental cleaning and checkup costs vary from cat to cat and clinic to clinic. Generally, teeth cleaning may cost roundabout 200$.The dental cost has some factors:

  • Age of a cat (older cat has high dental cleaning fee)
  • Size of cat (big cat also has a high cost for teeth cleaning )
  • Individual clinic
  • Location (Cost also changes according to geographical areas.Urban area has a higher cost than ruler area.)
  • Food and litter

The average food cost for one little cat is 20$ to 50$.However, the cost of litter is less than food and meal. The price of normal litter is 10$ to 30$.The price of litter depends upon brand type and style. You can expect $120-500 annually for different kinds of meals and trees.

  • Toys expenses

When you are grooming a cat, then toys are as necessary as food for the cat. Toys for cats also affect your yearly budget. Toys cost only $100-250 annually. By rotating your cat toy, this price may increase up to $500.

  • Travel Accessories

Cat travel accessories include a carrier, cat cloth, makeshift litter or potty box, some toys and trees, identification card, water, etc. cost of these accessories depends upon your habit of travelling. The more you travel more accessories are needed.

Money-saving method (Let’s break these costs down)

  • Pet insurance is an insurance policy bought by a pet owner which helps to lessen the overall costs of expensive veterinary bills. Your money will save if you do this. 
  • You may often get any cat free of cost without spending money or you can purchase cat by spending lot of money it all depends on your choice and links with people. 
  • You can find low-cost clinics by asking your local veterinarian or animal shelter, or you can check out the Pet Smart Charities database.
  • Always Purchase a normal litter box, simple collar, and cheap water bowl. These tricks save you a lot of money.

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